Report a Claim

Reporting a Claim

Effective claims management relies on timely notification of an incident or claim. Notify us immediately of any unexpected result, untoward complication, or adverse outcome which has occurred that may precipitate a claim.

All claims must be reported to EPIX in writing to comply with policy reporting requirements. Use EPIX's First Report Form. First Report Form (Word "docx") or First Report Form (Adobe "pdf") and fax to EPIX at (530) 653-2153.

For assistance, contact us at (866) 374-2467.

Notify us immediately if you receive:

  • Letter of intent or correspondence serving as notice of a claim or lawsuit from a patient or attorney
  • Notice from a hospital or other healthcare provider indicating that a lawsuit has been filed
  • Request for medical records from an attorney
  • Direct or indirect notice of dissatisfaction or displeasure by a patient or family member
  • Notice from a patient's healthcare insurer of patient dissatisfaction or complaint
  • Notice of complaint from a state licensing board or other consumer complaint board

It's important that you follow these steps:

  • Do not make additions, deletions or alterations of any kind to the medical record
  • Copy all related correspondence and keep in a secure place - not in a patient's chart - for future reference
  • Obtain signature of patient or patient's representative before releasing a copy of the patient's medical record
  • Only discuss the incident with your EPIX claims representative or defense counsel
  • Refrain from discussions with others associated with the incident


What's New in Stroke Part 2 – Lytics and Thrombectomy


By Dr. Stephen Colucciello


In What's New in Stroke Part 1 we looked at relatively non-controversial topics regarding system issues and supportive care surrounding the ED management of stroke. Now it is time to "bite the bullet" and address the contentious issues surrounding tPA. Since the original National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) study was published in 1995, the lytic controversy has roiled emergency medicine for almost a quarter century.


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Patrick Kelly"EPIX is so much more than an insurance company with whom we trade money for a certificate of insurance. We truly feel we have a partner. From quality CME (which my docs actually enjoy), to first-class administrative staff, to comprehensive assistance when we have an issue, to the transparent way they run the business, EPIX has exceeded our expectations. I wish I had this level of trust with all of our vendors." Read More

Mickey Buckmaster, CPA
Practice Administrator for Green Country Emergency Physicians Group of Tulsa