The EPIX Advantage

EPIX is a partnership of the best ED Groups in America

All of EPIX's groups are committed to raising the standards of patient safety to reduce risk factors that lead to malpractice claims. The partnership model assures a standard of high quality risk management practice that is essential to providing long-term, stable and affordable insurance for our groups.

It is the intimate involvement of risk management and patient safety programs into our offering that is uniquely EPIX, but it is not the only benefit:

  • Selective underwriting and risk profiling, assuring only high quality emergency groups are admitted into the Company
  • Financial accountability directly to the insured groups, with any excess premiums returned
  • Insured groups participate in the governance process
  • Aggressive claims defense, with immediate review of the claim by a board certified emergency physician, and periodic evaluations of the case as it develops.
  • Highly regarded insurance experts and advisors supporting the Company and management


What's New in Stroke Part 2 – Lytics and Thrombectomy


By Dr. Stephen Colucciello


In What's New in Stroke Part 1 we looked at relatively non-controversial topics regarding system issues and supportive care surrounding the ED management of stroke. Now it is time to "bite the bullet" and address the contentious issues surrounding tPA. Since the original National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) study was published in 1995, the lytic controversy has roiled emergency medicine for almost a quarter century.


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Patrick Kelly"EPIX is so much more than an insurance company with whom we trade money for a certificate of insurance. We truly feel we have a partner. From quality CME (which my docs actually enjoy), to first-class administrative staff, to comprehensive assistance when we have an issue, to the transparent way they run the business, EPIX has exceeded our expectations. I wish I had this level of trust with all of our vendors." Read More

Mickey Buckmaster, CPA
Practice Administrator for Green Country Emergency Physicians Group of Tulsa